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My experience as a web3 Developer

My experience as a web3 Developer

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Elisha Okon
·Oct 5, 2022·

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"Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement" -Golda Meir.

Sparks of possibility came up my mind when I heard of John Oseni, the Top 100 child Prodigy in the world.

I always had the desire to build something outstanding that serves a large number of users, yet, I didn't have a skill to do that. I admired lots of tech guys on movies doing something I thought was real.

I know how much you want to hear about this... Let's get back in time, I started my career in tech at 13 years old (2017 precisely). Before I continue, I don't want you to think like me. Then, I thought once I get into tech, I'll become a millionaire.. hahaha...

This mindset made me learn Consistency the hard way, please don't make the same mistake.

Without doubts, I was good at science in school, being exposed to computers gave me an edge over some of my colleagues.

My Journey to Discovery

I started off when I came across "Sololearn app". As at 2017, I didn't have a phone, I decided to install the app on my mum's phone. One mistake I did was playing around without having written notes on what I learnt. I won't want you to make same mistake. You might need a pen and Jotter as I'll mention some important points to note.

I met my ICT Tutor in school and told him, "Sir, I'm done with learning HTML & CSS"... guess the expression he gave me..lol.. He said I should meet him in his office.

He told me to give him three selectors in CSS, I didn't know what to say. He told me I didn't learn anything, I should finish up with school first and I'll have to pay him to learn.

Feeling sad, I left his office, went home to ponder on what he said but, yes, something sparked up my curiosity a bit more, what's that?... You're already asking? I recalled he said "You haven't learnt anything..." This kept on recurring in my head,I decided to prove that I learnt something actually.

Over time, I realized he was teaching a teen, so my next plan was to get close the boy. Of course, trust me, same way I got you to read this without forcing you, I got close to the boy and I gained a lot of value.


Yes! One of those things that helped me earlier was building healthy relationships. I became very good overtime and I hosted a lot of sites without paying a dime...

I used Phone to code (with the use of SPCK EDITOR, and Termux for Command Line Interface) for 4 years.

PS: I didn't let lack of resources stop me from achieving big things. Little beginnings really matters.

It's a very long read if I may say. In the next blog, I'll be telling you how I got into Blockchain Technology and as well, how I got to work with 8 firms Presently...


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